Reasons to Get Your Belly Button Pierced?

Answer There are many young people who wish to get their belly buttons pierced, but at the same time there are many parents discouraging their children to do so. When considering getting a belly button pi... Read More »

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How old to get your belly button pierced?

that doesnt require any exact age, if you wanna have your parents permission. you can have your belly button pierced even at the age of 16 and younger, if you can get your parents permission. howev... Read More »

Can you get your belly button pierced at thirteen?

AnswerMost piercing/tattoo shops will require you to be 18, however if you have and adult/parent with you then you can have it done at 13, i live in the UK and i had mine done at the age of 12 beca... Read More »

How painful is it to get your belly button pierced?

Pain is relative, so no one can tell you how bad it will hurt you. People speak for themselves, so as with all piercings, it will hurt, but the pain is obviously tolerable if so many people have it... Read More »

How much to get your belly button pierced?

i went to pleasurable piercings in hawthorne nj. it was 35 :] . im 15 btw.