Reasons to Get Rid of Welfare?

Answer Welfare in the United States dates back to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who implemented various federal programs to assist those in economic need. Welfare includes various entitlement programs,... Read More »

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Can child welfare take your son away for reasons relating to the person you are dating?

Child welfare, or child protective services, can take your child away for many reasons relating to who you may be dating including domestic abuse, child abuse, a criminal record, record of child ab... Read More »

How do i get on welfare?

First of all you're too young to qualify for welfare, you'll have to be 21 yrs old, unless you're what they call an independent minor. In that case your parents will have to be dead, you homeless a... Read More »

How do i get welfare benefits?

In the United States, welfare has become a catchword for a handful of government programs that provide assistance for those in financial distress. Both federal and state governments offer a number ... Read More »

When did welfare benefits come about?

Welfare benefits came about in 1935, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. The act required states to give one-third of federal government money that the... Read More »