Reasons to Clean Your Room?

Answer Few people actually enjoy cleaning their room, but the benefits of doing so can greatly outweigh the cost of leaving it a mess. Simply picking up clothes off the floor or tidying away dirty cups an... Read More »

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Give me 10 reasons why i should let my son buy a 32' TV in his room?

1. so he can be able to earn something2. it would be fair to him3. he would be happy4. it teaches him responsibitly 5. he learns the value of money6. awards him for working hard7. make it an incen... Read More »

Reasons for Disinfecting Weight Room Equipment?

A weight room with dirty equipment is no place for a good workout. "Keeping the exercise equipment clean and in optimum working order should be any Fitness Center's top priority," according to Gail... Read More »

How can a teenager clean their small room and keep it clean?

I'm a teen and i have a small room. So here is what i do. Every time my room gets outta hand I go through all of my things and throw out all of the things that i don't want. I will throw out the... Read More »

How to Clean Your Child's Room & Keep It Clean?

Have you ever tried to clean you son/daughter room, but they've always seemed to have messed it up by the time you get home from the store, etc.? If you want to actually keep it clean here is the a... Read More »