Reasons not to have sex.?

Answer Waaaaay to young. you have plenty of time. what should you do?: just tell her you don't want to. does it hurt?: when your in the moment, not really. getting it in will be kinda hard because you've ... Read More »

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Reasons to Have Pet Day at School?

Over the past few decades, a growing body of research has shown that the presence of pets and companion animals is beneficial to human health and well-being. Pets can have a profound impact on the ... Read More »

The Good Reasons to Have Debt?

While none of us want to owe money to anyone, many Americans carry debt. This debt can affect our ability to get a loan by the way it appears on credit scores. Not all debt appears the same way on ... Read More »

Reasons to Have Lockers in School?

When many people think of a middle or high school, they remember long rows of lockers in the hallways. Providing lockers for students gives them a safe place to store belongings, but many schools r... Read More »

Reasons to Have Two Graphic Cards?

Both Nvidia's SLI and ATI's Crossfire technologies allow you to combine two or more graphics cards in a single computer. The inner workings of both are a little different, but they have the same en... Read More »