Reasons for the Creation of the Edo State?

Answer The Edo period in Japan lasted from 1603 until 1868. During this time, Japan remained a feudal nation ruled by shoguns, who belonged to a single dynastic family, the Tokugawa. The Tokugawa shoguns ... Read More »

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What are the reasons why united State provides foreign aid to other countries?

as a 1rst world country the us states along with other countries are made by the United Nations to "keep peace" and help other counties in need

Art Activities on Creation?

Churches and private Christian schools commonly teach about the principle of creation and integrate the principle into craft time with children. Help students better understand what the Bible says ... Read More »

Activity for God's Creation?

Creation is a fun unit to do with children. There are so many different activities and crafts available to teach. Games, crafts and stories abound to help cement the idea that God made the earth, s... Read More »

Is the abu sayaff a creation of the cia?

Well, He wanted to kill Castro and I don't think the CIA liked that idea very much. Also I think they were disgusted with his womanizing. The FBI didn't like him either. J Eedgar Hoover had a thing... Read More »