Reasons for blocking at wikipedia?

Answer The fuzzy rule is: when you are making a mess of things, you may be blocked, without any hard rules. Some examples of things for which you may be blocked are:* Vandalism* Copyright violations* Impe... Read More »

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Poll: Do you think blocking Wikipedia was stupid?

YES. We can still use it..WAIT A SEC. If they shut down wikipedia, and youtube, facebook, twitter.. all we have left is porn, so they'll have to get rid of that too. All the porn sites. EVERY LAST ... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a reliable source (give reasons)?

As taught in college and high school it is not because ANYONE can edit ANY page. Take for instance the page of the muslim that Obama associated with. His page had all kinds of slurs on it and it ... Read More »

How to Go Ice Blocking?

Have you ever wanted to go outside and slide down a hill? Here's how!

What Will Blocking the EGR Do?

A vehicle's Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system reduces the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere. Blocking the EGR will result in an increase in emissions as well as problems with th... Read More »