Reasons for a Noisy Modem While on the Internet?

Answer A computer's modem should be silent once it has connected to the Internet service provider. However, there are cases where you might hear static or other loud noises coming from your modem while yo... Read More »

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Can I use my LG 260 as an Internet modem for my PC?

No, you cannot be use your LG 260, also known as the LG Rumor, as an Internet modem for your PC. The LG 260 lacks the necessary network-data capabilities of other Sprint phones, such as the Samsung... Read More »

What is an Internet modem?

An Internet modem is any type of computer program or component that allows a computer to receive and transmit data over an Internet connection. Information transmitted over an Internet network is f... Read More »

Do you need a modem to connect the PS3 to the Internet?

You need a modem to connect your PS3 to the Internet, whether you are connecting to the Internet from a PS3 using a wireless or a wired connection. This can be done several ways, including a DSL mo... Read More »

How to Set Up the Internet on a Laptop Via a Modem?

Accessing the Internet with a modem is by far the easiest and quickest way to bring Internet to your laptop. Modems can be wireless or wire-connected. Setting up your modem and laptop takes only a ... Read More »