Reasons for a Dead Car Battery?

Answer A dead car battery can leave an auto owner surprised and stranded after he discovers his car will not start. Often a car battery can be recharged by connecting jumper cables to a second vehicle, bu... Read More »

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Reasons a Battery Terminal Corrodes?

There are numerous reasons and factors that can cause a car battery terminal to corrode. Battery corrosion builds up over time, but can become problematic if it spreads and thickens. A battery with... Read More »

How to Fix a Dead SLA Battery?

Sealed Lead-Acid, or SLA, batteries are mainly used in cars, motorcycles and trucks. These batteries are considered maintenance-free, as you cannot top-up the fluid levels in the individual cells. ... Read More »

How to Fix a Dead Car Battery?

If you notice electrical problems with your automobile, or if your automobile is having difficulty starting or is not starting at all, you may have a battery problem. A car's battery provides elect... Read More »

Can a dead car battery be recharged?

Typical car batteries are lead-acid batteries. If your car battery dies, you can recharge it with a battery charger using trickle-charge, which is continuous constant current. Other methods are the... Read More »