Reasons for White Hair?

Answer Medical and scientific research has determined how hair turns white, as well as some of the causes. White hair is associated with old age--but your genetics play a role in when hair turns white as ... Read More »

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What is in the pool every year that looks like a white strand of hair white one or two inches long?

Answer Could be your hair? One to two inches long? The chlorine can turn dark hair white because of the bleaching effect.

The Reasons for Dry Fuzzy Hair?

Dry, frizzy hair is unsightly, impossible to control, and it can happen to anyone. There are several factors that can cause frizzy, dry-looking hair. Most of the time the fix is quick and easy. How... Read More »

What can you tell me about the reasons for all-over new hair growth?

I am always curious about the active chemistries of medications generally, such as that found in contraceptives and just what is it in your instance that would block hair growth before and now caus... Read More »

Reasons Why Hair Falls Out?

Hair loss can be a very embarrassing thing for both men and women. Hair grows out of the hair follicles for two to six years. Then there is a resting stage where the hair stops growing. Then ther... Read More »