Reasons for Engine Oil Pump Failures?

Answer The oil pump in an engine is responsible for keeping the engine oil flowing so it can lubricate the motor. A faulty pump can lead to an engine that is running metal component on metal component, ge... Read More »

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How to Convert a Ford Smog Pump to an Engine Vacuum Pump?

The smog pump on Ford vehicles is an emissions control device that is part of the vehicle's air injection system (AIS). The smog pump sends oxygen into the exhaust and through the exhaust manifold ... Read More »

Reasons for Fuel Pump Failure?

Your car's fuel pump is responsible for pumping the gasoline out of the fuel tank and sending it through the fuel lines to the engine. If the fuel pump is not working properly, your vehicle will no... Read More »

Reasons for Car Engine Overheating?

A Town & Country side mirror bolts to the side of the door using three threaded posts and three nuts. The nuts are hidden behind the inner door panel. To replace the mirror you will have to dismant... Read More »

Reasons to Rebuild an Engine?

The engine is the heart of any vehicle and needs to be maintained to function properly. Unforeseen problems or lack of maintenance may be a cause for complete engine failure. When an engine ceases ... Read More »