Reasons for Attending Clerical Training?

Answer With the introduction of new office technologies, and especially all the different computer software programs, clerical workers are increasingly responsible for more complicated and technical tasks... Read More »

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What Are Two Reasons for Attending ITT Tech?

Applicants face a competitive job market in today's workplace, so it helps to have as many advantages in your corner as you can acquire. One advantage is having a college degree, but choosing a col... Read More »

Clerical Training?

Clerical workers, also called administrative assistants, perform general office administrative tasks. Clerical employees work in various types of office settings. Their responsibilities include man... Read More »

Financial Help While Attending Vocational Training Schools?

Vocational schools are schools that teach classes aimed at specific trades. Also called trade schools, vocational schools are not traditional four-year colleges. The cost to attend vocation schools... Read More »

Do cadets in arotc have to pay for clothing such as bdu's and when attending training like northeren warfare?

any required army uniforms are issued by the army but replacements and extras are not