Reasons for Aims and Objectives?

Answer Aims and objectives are ubiquitous: high school students aim to enter college and set personal objectives for this purpose (achieve high grades); businesses have financial goals; couples may aim to... Read More »

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What are the aims and objectives of the BBC?

The BBC Trust is charged with ensuring it fulfills its remit as follows: Aims:Expected to exhibit some or all of the following characteristics: high quality, original, challenging, innovative and e... Read More »

Aims and objectives of BBC?

to provide a tv station for the public payed by the public. it has no adverts.

What are the aims and objectives for the BBC?

To provide information and entertainment to the public.

The Aims & Objectives of ICT?

Information Communications and Technology (ICT) is a term that refers to all the hardware and software that people use to send and receive information. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twi... Read More »