Reasons an Alternator Would Go Bad?

Answer The alternator is responsible for powering a car's electrical system, providing the main conduit between the car's engine and its battery. Although you many not initially notice a failing alternato... Read More »

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For what reasons would the CIA be looking for you?

If they aren't known to the public, how are we expected to tell you what they are? ^^^Because SOME OF US might work with the government, and how dare you to delete my answer! And yeas, there are s... Read More »

Reasons why a guy would always look at a particular girl?

He thinks she beautiful! And amazing! He likes her a lot :) if she makes him smile and light up he is definitely interested :)

Reasons Why the Check Engine Light Would Come on in an Integra?

There are several reasons why the check engine light would come on in your Acura Integra. When you turn your ignition, your car activates the On-Board Diagnostics system, or OBD. This diagnostics s... Read More »

Reasons a Health Insurance Company Would Decline Coverage?

Health insurance companies decline coverage for a variety of reasons. If you have been declined for health insurance coverage, or you believe you will be declined, you may need to join a group plan... Read More »