Reasons a Car Burns Oil?

Answer An engine that burns oil not only wastes oil but can damage spark plugs, cause the ignition to misfire and eventually affect the catalytic converter. The burning oil can also cause higher emissions... Read More »

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Replaced thermal coupal pilot light burns then burner comes on burns for 15 seconds both go out?

Make sure the thermal couple is postioned in the pilot flame correctly. It could be a bad gas control valve.

How old is mr burns?

1 Million i guess nah its 140 because in one of the simpsons episode homer punches burns in the face and confessed it to marge and said OMG I PUNCHED MR Burns IN HIS 140 YEAR OLD FACE In another ep... Read More »

How to soothe burns?

Wow, okay I usually do not answer questions with this many answers in front of me but I am going to have to make an exception, as you got some HORRIBLE answers, some of which could be very harmful.... Read More »

How to Fix Burns in Car Upholstery?

Having any kind of burn hole in your car upholstery can not only be embarrassing, but can also greatly hurt your car's resale value. Unfortunately completely repairing the upholstery can be very in... Read More »