Reasons Why People Have Low Coping Skills?

Answer Early in life, people may develop methods of managing stress that will hinder the ability to cope with situations appropriately, according to "Psychology Today." Low coping skills may cause a perso... Read More »

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Coping Skills for a Teacher Dealing With an ODD Student?

Students with oppositional defiant disorder, or ODD, can be extremely taxing on their teachers. These students are willfully aggressive, vindictive, stubborn and manipulative, and they refuse to fo... Read More »

How to Develop Positive Coping Skills If You Are an Abuse Survivor?

You can learn the positive coping skills necessary to start being happier if you're a child abuse survivor. Here are several easy steps to follow.

Coping with seeing people die?

I always wonder how nurses do it, yet remain so sympathetic to the families.I wonder if you ever really do get used to it? Perhaps it is more getting used to not dwelling on it. And becoming strong... Read More »

What are the reasons that some people can't get to sleep?

It could be the diet, if you're taking any supplements you may want to check the ingredients. A lot of times diet supplements will have excessive amounts of B12, caffeine or other synthetic drugs ... Read More »