Reasons Why Cars Backfire?

Answer The proper maintenance of an automobile begins with the identification of problems associated with function, parts and performance. As problems occur, they can be identified by noises, smells or ot... Read More »

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What Causes Cars to Backfire?

Engine backfire is the result of incomplete combustion inside the combustion chamber. The excess air and fuel mixture can travel to the intake manifold or through the exhaust manifold and detonate ... Read More »

Common Reasons Why Cars Break Down?

Keeping up on your engine maintenance schedule can prolong the life of your engine. Foregoing routine maintenance is asking for the common engine problems, such as the engine not starting or stalli... Read More »

Good Reasons to Have Cell Phones in Cars?

Cell phones can cause accidents, but they can also save lives and assist lost motorists driving in unfamiliar locations. A cell phone can serve as a form of entertainment as well replacing pricey d... Read More »

Car Backfire Causes?

When a car backfires, it means that something has stopped working properly in the emission system in the engine. There are a number of things that can cause the improper fuel/air mixture which leav... Read More »