Reasons That Can Be Used for Leaving a Job in Resignation Letters?

Answer A letter of resignation can be the ideal way to leave a job with class and dignity, but, as an employee, you still need to be careful what goes into the letter, especially when stating the reason f... Read More »

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Do i need a resignation letter if leaving my job due to pregnancy?

As an employee, your future employment opportunities will depend to some extent on how you handle all business matters with your employer. A letter of resignation is always a good idea, regardless ... Read More »

Resume writing: Reasons for Leaving a Job?

When seeking employment with a new company, your reasons for separating from your previous employers will come up. Even if you omit the reasons from your resume, the hiring manager will ask in both... Read More »

New Crappy Job Sucks!!!! How Do I Explain My Reasons For Leaving My New Job To Potential Employers?

Bad things sometimes happen to good people. My advice as a certified senior human resources professional is to be absolutely honest. Here's how you might explain in a way that doesn't reflect bad... Read More »

The middle of industrial bar touches ear and is leaving a mark and its pressing into my ear and leaving it red?

Apply a burn cream and put on a bandage to protect it.