Reasons Head Gaskets Break?

Answer An engine's head gasket separates the engine block and the cylinder head. It seals the cylinders and protects against coolant and oil leakage. If a gasket breaks and fluids are allowed to escape, t... Read More »

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Problems With Head Gaskets & Manifold Gaskets?

The head gasket seals the smooth surfaces between the head and the engine block, and the intake manifold gasket seals the surfaces between the engine and manifold. These gaskets can create addition... Read More »

About Head Gaskets?

Head gaskets serve a major purpose, and without them, or with faulty ones, car engines would run terrible, if at all. These gaskets are specially engineered to withstand extreme heat and compressio... Read More »

How to Test for Bad Head Gaskets?

The head gasket is located between the engine block and cylinder head. It seals the engine cylinders so coolant does not leak into the engine. It also promotes maximum compression of its combustion... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Head Gaskets Failures?

Head gaskets are positioned between the cylinder head and block of an internal combustion engine. Head gaskets seal cylinders in order to gain compression and prevent oil or coolant leakage. Howeve... Read More »