Reasons & Cures for Nail Splitting?

Answer Keeping your nails healthy and strong is important as its main function is to protect the fingertips and toes from injuries. The condition of your nails, which are composed of layers of a protein c... Read More »

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How to Drive a Nail Without Splitting the Wood?

When driving nails near edges or ends of hard, brittle, or knotty wood, you may have the misfortune of having a large crack appear, or even a piece of your lumber break out at the edge. There are a... Read More »

How to Prevent Nail Tips From Splitting?

It is common for fingernails or toenails to split and peel. The technical term for this condition is onychoschizia and it includes splitting, brittle, soft or thin nails. According to the American ... Read More »

Carpenters, how can I nail it down hard without splitting my wood?

Countersink. First of all, use a drill, if you can. So much easier. Drill the bit into the wood first, then line the screw in it and then it will go in easier. Keep it steady by placing one han... Read More »

Nail Biting Cures?

Nail biting is a habit that can be hard to break and occurs when you are stressed, nervous or inattentive. In severe cases, nail biting can lead to bleeding, torn skin and painful cuticles, not to ... Read More »