Reasons Against Wearing Uniforms in School?

Answer School uniforms are a topic of heated debate. Proponents of uniforms argue that they promote better behavior, stronger discipline, less bullying, a safer school environment and lower costs for pare... Read More »

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School Uniforms & Reasons for Wearing Them?

School uniforms require students to wear a particular set of clothes throughout the week. These uniforms generally consist of slacks, a belt and a polo shirt with the school's emblem. They might al... Read More »

Reasons Not to Get School Uniforms?

95% of New Orleans' public schools require school uniforms, along with 85% of Cleveland, 65% of Boston and 60% of Miami, according to Education Bug. Many other schools across the country are curren... Read More »

Wearing Uniforms in School?

People often have a strong emotional reaction for or against wearing uniforms in school. Teachers, students, school officials and parents often have very different ideas about uniforms, making a de... Read More »

Reasons Why Parents Are Against School Uniforms?

President Bill Clinton raised the idea of introducing uniforms into public schools as a measure for improving safety, discipline and the general learning environment, and during his presidency he i... Read More »