Reason Why Chris Brown Beat Rihanna( ILLUMINATI)?

Answer Well, I'M convinced that the Illuminati told Chris Brown to beat Rihanna to make it look like Rihanna tried to convert him into Illuminati, when really HE is the Illuminati puppet.See? I can make ... Read More »

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Do you still like Chris Brown even after wat he did 2 Rihanna?

I;m with you. he tried real hard to make it up, and i thought they we're always great together. :)

What do you think of Rihanna and Chris Brown?

I think they're a great couple. They are meant to be for each other. Chris just ***** up all the time. His temper, ego and childish ways needs to stop. Don't think he'll be stupid enough to beat he... Read More »

How do you feel about what Chris Brown has done to Rihanna?

i feel like rihanna crazy *** attacked him and it was clearly self defense.....he bite her because he was tring 2 ger her off February 10, 2009. A friend of Chris Brown reached out to MediaTakeOut.... Read More »

Are you surprised Rihanna went back with woman Abuser Chris Brown & will u feel bad for her if she gets ->?

Not really, it's unfortunate though, however she knows what he is capable of. So yes any kind of domestic abuse any kind of abuse is always wrong, but she knows what he is like. He almost killed ... Read More »