Rear Disc Brake Replacement?

Answer Rear disc brakes are available on several luxury and sport models, Corvette being one of the vehicles that has all-around disc brakes. The reasons for installing rear disc brakes on a vehicle inclu... Read More »

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Disc Brake Replacement Instructions?

The disc brake assembly is one of the most important safety systems on your vehicle. Disc rotors, calipers and pads should be replaced when worn out or broken. Worn caliper pistons may leak. Disc r... Read More »

Tutorial for the Replacement of a Brake Disc Rotor?

Brake rotor replacement is a routine aspect of vehicle brake maintenance. The brake rotor is the round, disc-shaped component of the brakes that the caliper and brake pads clamp when the brakes are... Read More »

Do It Yourself: Disc Brake and Rotor Replacement?

Most modern vehicles use some form of disc brakes, which rely on a caliper that clamps a rotor, when the brakes are applied, in order to slow the vehicle. Over time the rotors (as well as the brake... Read More »

Instructions for Front Disc Brake Pad Replacement on a 1996 Saturn?

Saturn is a brand of cars made by General Motors. The cars were generally small, fuel-efficient vehicles that came standard with disc brakes on the front wheels. The disc brakes work by a rotor att... Read More »