Rear Brake Replacement Instructions?

Answer The rear brakes are responsible for not only helping to slow and eventually stop the vehicle, they are key in stabilizing the vehicle during braking. When significant wear or damage is noticed, re... Read More »

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Ford Contour Rear Brake Replacement Instructions?

There are some strategies you can follow to make rear brake shoes replacement easier and safe on your Ford Contour model. When replacing the brake shoes for the first time, it is a good idea to use... Read More »

Lexus ES300 Rear Brake Pad Replacement Instructions?

Vehicles with all-wheel disc brakes are more effective at both stopping in shorter distances and maintaining control while braking. The rear brake pads on the Lexus ES300 should be replaced every 5... Read More »

Yamaha Quad Rear Brake Replacement Instructions?

The rear brakes on a Yamaha quad are mounted to a metal frame around the top of the rear brake rotors on each side of the rear. You will not need to remove the rear tires to gain access to the rear... Read More »

2002 Buick LeSabre Rear Brake Pad Replacement Instructions?

In 1951, General Motors showed the public a modern marvel of concept cars, the LeSabre. This ultra-modern concept included features that were well ahead of their time, including 12-volt electronics... Read More »