Realtors' Etiquette?

Answer A realtor must carry a level of decorum when making the sale. Dealing with people of varying incomes and backgrounds, providing respect for the potential buyer may mean the difference between makin... Read More »

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How to Find Top Realtors?

When you're involved in the housing market as a buyer or seller, a Realtor can guide you through the process. Whether you're purchasing a home or selling one, hiring the best Realtor you can is imp... Read More »

How to Find Realtors Who Rent Houses?

Finding a Realtor who rents houses is as easy as doing a quick computer search, flipping through the phone book or looking at any of the many real estate fliers available for pickup at grocery stor... Read More »

Are Realtors good or bad Trustworthy or deceitful?

There are good and bad in everything. I am a Realtor (good) and I work with mostly good ones. There are some bad ones too. As in all professions, as with all people, you will see a range. If you ... Read More »

How do I market to Realtors& mortgage loan officers?

Join the local board of Realtors and mortgage loan officers association. Attend all networking meetings. Offer to sponsor Realtor and mortgage loan officers' open houses. Join each group's civic co... Read More »