Realplayer downloader not working anymore on google chrome?

Answer Google updated their flash player which is incompatible with RealPlayer. To disable this, type about:plugins into the address bar. Then look in the list of plugins for Shockwave Flash. There will b... Read More »

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I got rid of realplayer html5video downloader in chrome.?

Realdownloader does not work on webbrowsers anymore.. I was soo depressed! However, get 'realplayer'. It acts as a web browser (put html into search har then again into url bar on the top right). W... Read More »

Any ideas why I am unable to download video from YouTube anymore with RealPlayer Downloader?

go to the video you want to download on youtube, and the type "kick" in front of youtube, and then press Enter, and you can decide where to save it on your computer

Why Real player video downloader doesn't often work in Google Chrome?

Why won't Google Instant work in Google Chrome anymore?

1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.2. Select Settings.3. In the “Search” section, use the “Enable Instant for faster searching” checkbox to enable or disable the Instant featu... Read More »