Really weak bladder i guess, embarrasing?

Answer I have the same problem when exercising, I'm older than you and have had 3 these things happen, in your case I would say your operation most likely has something to do with it, talk t... Read More »

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I feel really weak.. my joints are weak and its annoying to move them,,,?

It could just be your body reacting to this period of inactivity, if you have been working out regularly without a break the body can experience a sort of withdrawal or shock. To be honest I would ... Read More »

What are the causes of a weak bladder in men?

If you have a weak bladder, you have trouble holding urine--medically termed urinary incontinence. Several things can trigger this condition in men, ranging from dietary choices to certain medical ... Read More »

I keep leaking on my bed when i have my period. Its really embarrasing having to tell my mom. What should i do?

Make sure you try and use overnight pads. I place an old towel underneath me especially the first two nights.You might want to set your alarm clock once during the night to get up and change.

Why do my knees feel really weak?

this usually happens to people who stand and drink water.don't stand up and drink water.instead sit down because scientists have shown that standing and drinking water at the same time will give yo... Read More »