Really want to finish school but need assistance?

Answer your parents income doesnt count anymore, you are out on your own (therefore they cant consider your parents income any longer).your not married yet, so you can find TONS of scholarships grants ava... Read More »

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How to Finish a Story when You Really Don't Want To?

Started a story and you know you've got to finish it but you got distracted with something else? Feel like going back to that story is like dragging yourself across a floor of broken glass? Maybe t... Read More »

I want to grow food for me and my father in south Texas need assistance with my plan?

what I do first is get your garden ready and plan ahead by getting your soil tested by sending samples in the mail heres a link: will help you know what type of soil... Read More »

I really really want to become a London Underground tube train driver, How can I do this What do I need to do?

Trains and tunnels, eh?Had another of those Freudian dreams about me, haven't you?!Filthy boy.

Do I need to finish high school to go to college?

You do not need to graduate from high school to attend college classes. However, colleges will not accept students into a degree program without a high school diploma or GED.References:Exam Tool Ki... Read More »