Really bad tummy ache from eating WAY too much chocolate!?

Answer Wait it out. It will go away in 2-3 hours.DO NOT throw up. The stomach acids will burn your esophagus and mouth, and eat the enamel off the back of your teeth. This could become serious and caus... Read More »

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Can a tummy ache and upset stomach be down to pressure from school and exams?

Oddly enough you can get something called a stomach migraine. It gives the exact symptoms you are experiencing. And stress is the main cause for them happening.You are going through a very stressfu... Read More »

GUYS - do you prefer a bit of a flabby, soft tummy or a washboard, really flat tummy?

How to Treat a Tummy Ache?

A tummy ache can turn even the most placid child into an unhappy, grumpy little person. Tummy aches can result in unwillingness to eat, decrease in fluid intake and fewer trips to the bathroom. A c... Read More »

Whats good for a tummy ache?

a short nap. when you wake up, the pain will be gone (besides, naps are good for just about anything!).