Really bad toothache. help please!?

Answer I'm sorry but in this sh*t society your best options are to get incarcerated to get free dental care or find a bottle of scotch and a pair of pliers.

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REALLY bad toothache - please help?

I have the same problem with my tooth that has a filling. It hurts one day and not the next. I think it could be that part of the filling has came out and is causing air to get down in the cavity o... Read More »

Really severe toothache!! Help?

that's horrible! please try to see another dentist if you can about your tooth!! if it's coming from your gums and feels like a ball coming out of your gum, it sounds close enough to me like a cyst... Read More »

Toothache problem and I can't go to the dentist for a few days Please help?

I would recommend using Orajel until you can get to your regular dentist, unless you think some type of damage is being done.

Hi i have a painfull toothache,help with anything to take for the pain please?

you could get some clove oil, or if you cant get to the shops now take paracetamol