Really bad pain in knee Please help me!?

Answer Hi: try this wrap your knee with hot packs. Or wrap your knee with hot water wrap. This may work also. Get a hot bath and put some Epsom's salts in the water. K

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Bad knee pain please help?

Sounds a little like arthritus. I'm 28 and have it. Talk to your doctor about indomethacin. It's a non narcotic anti-inflammatory medication. It works wonders. Also very helpful for back pain and h... Read More »

Knee Pain please help?

As guys would say walk it off. Goes against doctors resting advice, but i believe it works. Dont push yourself but just limp till you walk, then light jog. Not to much ice, as that can cause damage... Read More »

I hit my knee really hard please help!?

Hi There: Start soaking your knee in cold water. Or apply an ice pack. The lump you feel is the knee cap. 1 to 2 weeks you will start to get better.K Never put warm on swelling.K I played footbal... Read More »

Really bad knee pain!!!!?

I've had really bad throat pain since July