Really bad burn!!!?

Answer NEVER EVER BREAK A BLISTER FROM A BURN.It is the body's best defense against infection of the tissues under the blister that were damaged by the burn. If you break the blister, you risk severe inf... Read More »

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Do you really really have to burn more calories than what you eat to lose weight?

No. Your body will consume the calories on its own without you doing any work out. We need that energy to live - sustain breathing, muscle contractions, heart beat, everything! So no you don't need... Read More »

Really bad burn!!!!!!!?

Try mustard. I know it sounds dumb but the mustard seed takes the heat out of the burn. Put some on your fingers and let it sit for a few minutes, reapply as needed.

Does flour really help a burn?

No. The standard treatment for a burn is cool running water. Applying flour on a burn is a myth and has no known medical benefits. If someone is burnt, there is a treatment plan known as the three ... Read More »

Does Smart Burn really work?

On One Hand: Ingredients and Claims.The online review source Ultimate Fat Burner states Smart Burn comes with the weight loss ingredient hoodia. Leisha Chuahan on HealthStatus website reports hoodi... Read More »