Realists ! Did You Have A happy New Year ?

Answer lol Ive been hiding until it was safe to some out lolI.e When the madness has gone! don't get me wrong, I do like Christmas but not the commercialism and hate filled eyes that seem to be produced. ... Read More »

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Is everyone on this site having a happy new year!?

hey BobTry thinking the other way....lost the toss, won the match...And you are the winner.. Bad start always indicates a good end.No worries at all, Whether its good or bad we need to be on the ru... Read More »

How to Be Happy in Year 8 (7th Grade)?

7th Grade can be tough. You're not the newbie of secondary school anymore, but your hormones are raging and life can seem very complicated. Here's how to have a successful and fun year!

How many Happy Meals are sold each year?

McDonald's sells approximately 2.5 million Happy Meals per year. The fast food restaurant chain introduced the Happy Meal in 1979. The first Happy Meal had a circus theme and featured toys like spi... Read More »

What year was the happy meal developed?

The first Happy Meal was served at a McDonald's restaurant in Kansas City, Kansas, in June 1979. The kid-friendly combo featured a Circus Wagon Train theme box along with a choice of hamburger or c... Read More »