Real time scanning McAfee issue?

Answer Find your MF serial number.Uninstall MF.Re-bootRe-install

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How can I fix this issue with McAfee real time scanning?

System Restore can change the registry entries so they no longer match the McAfee AntiVirus files on the hard drive. This is a huge issue, that every user has faces, after system restore, McAfee ge... Read More »

How come McAfee real time scanning keeps turning off?

Is it possible that you have another anti virus still installed on your computer? More than one anti virus will conflict and offer less protection than having only one. Run this microsoft tool if y... Read More »

How to Disable On-Access Scanning in McAfee?

An anti-virus program that scans and removes malicious files from your computer, McAfee also scans incoming and outgoing emails as well as warns you of files trying to change your system's configur... Read More »

APs: Do you have a hard time distinguishing between an "adoption issue" and "kid being a kid" issue?

Kazi, I totally relate to this. I so often am confused about whether something going on with my daughter (or heck, with me also!) is adoption related or just a "normal" kid stage. My daughter doesn... Read More »