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How to Buy Real Glue Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions can be glued or sewn into your natural hair. You have the option of purchasing real hair or synthetic hair extensions from a beauty store. Real glue-in hair extensions are easier to... Read More »

How Can I Detangle Real Hair Extensions?

Real hair extensions come in many forms. Women can wear clip-in ponytails, weft tracks that are sewn or glued in for many months or can even use clip-in tracks that can be taken out and put in dail... Read More »

How to Make Clip in Hair Extensions Look Real?

Clip-in hair extensions are a fairly new and popular craze that is taking the hair world by storm. Clip-in extensions provide added volume and length without hours of sitting in the salon or damagi... Read More »

The Difference Between Real & Synthetic Hair Extensions?

Women are bombarded with glossy magazines showing glamorous celebrities with long flowing locks that appear to have grown overnight. Many celebrities use hair extensions to create that instant red ... Read More »