Real Songs For Kids?

Answer Could you and your friends write some words that would be appropriate for preschoolers and put it to a familiar tune and put your own choreography into it. Or maybe a rap. Maybe something about the... Read More »

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TH Family!The songs are real!Here's an article!?

well i guess martin is rightand like the saying "DON'T JUDGEA BOOK BY THE COVER"so i guess i was dissapointed but i willgive it a chance and they're not that badanyways just really different

How to Sync Songs With Real Jukebox?

RealJukeBox is a media player that you may use to keep your music in one place. This media player allows you to play CDs or downloaded songs. Synchronizing your favorite songs with RealJukeBox is a... Read More »

How to Use Songs to Teach Kids Spanish?

The Spanish language is spoken throughout the world and is quickly becoming a popular means of communication in the United States. Particularly in the Southwest, Florida, and large metropolitan are... Read More »

How to Make Songs on a Computer (for Kids)?

As a kid, longing for a bright educated future in the singing industry is a fairly common dream. Turning it into reality is quite something else. It has to start somewhere and what better way than ... Read More »