Ready for another Food/Drink survey?

Answer 1)Pepsi2)Fried Fish3)Carrot Cake4)Dr Pepper5)Squash6)Grilled Cheese SandwichGood Afternoon :)

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Ready for a Pizza survey?

1) Regular2) Pepperoni3) Fresh Garlic4) Pineapple5)Meatball6) Black Olives7) Sicilian8) Veggie LoversU making me hungry :ppp

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Ready for another short Food Survey?

1) Breaded Shrimp or Fried Shrimp?-Fried Shrimp2) Avocado Salad or Caesar Salad with chicken?-Caesar Salad with Chicken3) Cheese Omelette or Turkey Omelette?-Cheese Omelette4) Vegetable Tamale or B... Read More »

Ready for another simple Food Survey?

1) Pancakes or a bowl of Cheerios? ~ pancakes2) Bacon or Pastrami? ~ pastrami3) Fruit Loops or Rice Krispies? ~ fruit loops4) Mushrooms or Beets? ~ mushrooms5) Lemon Pie or Blueberry Pie? ~ lemon ... Read More »