Ready Made Breakfast Food That Freezes Well?

Answer In a society where time is very valuable and people are always busy, it is important to take care of yourself in the morning by eating (or drinking) a nutritious meal to keep you going for the beau... Read More »

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What is Your opinion on ready made Food?

Simple/random food question What food you had for Breakfast that most people wouldn't think of having ->?

Hi (((Scooter))) :) That's not too bad for breakfast, lol.Once I had pepperoni for breakfast. Let me think . . . . *tapping on my laptop* . . .I have had an eggroll for breakfast before. That was p... Read More »

How to repair refrigerator which freezes food?

What is Indian Breakfast food?

Paratha's and mango pickle with plain yoghurt, and a cup of chai.Sometimes porridge made by roasting the oats first in butter, and then reducing the milk long and slow.Sometimes "sevian" which is l... Read More »