Reading & Learning Games?

Answer Teaching students to become excited and proactive in their reading can help them learn new material in all their subjects. Learning reading can be as simple as reading to your students each day, bu... Read More »

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Children's Reading & Learning Games for Ages 3 to 5?

Toddlers have extremely short attention spans, so try to teach toddlers with interactive activities that keep them busy and having fun as they learn. Games can help keep children interested in lear... Read More »

Learning Games to Improve Memories of Learning-Disabled Students?

Students with learning disabilities sometimes have poor auditory and visual memory skills. This has an impact on their ability to learn. Auditory memory is vital to learning the two skills necessar... Read More »

Learning Styles and Reading?

Parents, teachers and even fellow students know that not all people learn the same way. While a particular lesson plan may grab one student's attention, it may fail to reach another and equally as ... Read More »

Learning Activities for Reading?

Of all the skills that we acquire, reading is among the most important. Reading is not only necessary for success in education, it is also necessary for day-to-day activities, as well as pleasure. ... Read More »