Reading Comprehension Techniques?

Answer Learning reading comprehension techniques can improve your performance at school, in the workplace and in everyday life. Being an active reader with good retention will save time, minimize re-readi... Read More »

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Learning Techniques for Reading Comprehension in English?

The English language can be viewed as a amalgamation resulting from many different influences: Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Norse, French and many others. As a result, it has rules and a structure that can ... Read More »

How to Use Pre-Reading to Improve Reading Comprehension?

Pre-reading activities can give students necessary background knowledge and vocabulary before reading, motivate them by allowing them to connect text to their own lives and help them prioritize whi... Read More »

What is comprehension reading?

Of all the skills to be mastered in education, reading comprehension, the understanding of what is on the page, is likely the most essential. Reading comprehension affects nearly every learning ex... Read More »

Teaching Reading Comprehension?

Good readers do more than read the words on the page. When reading text, the brain is hard at work making connections, asking questions and drawing conclusions. Good readers use strategies while re... Read More »