Read this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

Answer Yes, absolutely. The places where you feel the sorest/stretch your muscles the most are the places where you will burn the most fat.Also, drinking lots of water and running will also help. :)

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Please pray for this woman. Please read.?

Anna you are a great friend. And that is what your friend needs right now. I will pray that God kisses and heals her mom. With him all things are possible. Let her know that you, I and and othe... Read More »


If her A1c is 14 she needs to be treated immediately. I don't think she needs to be taken away from her parents, but they need to quit bringing her food. This is why they are calling CYS on them. S... Read More »

Is this bad please read!!?

hey krayzie! don't be crazy. kidding* i had one on my nape too. our nodules swell when there is something wrong on our body. you might wanna check it with your doc but mine disappeared for about 2 ... Read More »

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something else that i'd like to add about infertility. I'm not sure what the docs tell you when you are doing fertility counseling, but here's a tip they might leave outthe precum neutralizes the a... Read More »