Read this and tell what your opinion is on vaccines now?

Answer Thimerosal was removed from all but the influenza vaccines a decade ago (there are thimerosal free alternatives, so it's a non issue.)Note that since it's removal, none of the diseases Adam's (with... Read More »

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Tell me your opinion on this please,,,,?

Actually seeing as younger drivers have more accidents, let's require that all teens and twenty somethings be retested every year!!

OMG MJ fans: MUST SEE THIS...Tell me your opinion?

Wow..... one guy did all of that? That's impressive but is it like a tribute or a thing where he wants to get big?

VACCINES : Would you trust the FDA when they allow this in our flu vaccines?

Stop being dishonest, the US flu vaccines do NOT contain the adjuvant squalene. But perhaps they should? There is very good evidence to show that adjuvants actually make vaccines safer, but I'll ge... Read More »

720p v 1080i which is best in your personal opinion not what you have read.?

720p gives a single picture at 720 scanlines 1080i gives you 2 pictures -interleaved with each other - effectively needing much more processing power but only building an overall picture of 540 sca... Read More »