Read this and tell what your opinion is on vaccines now?

Answer Thimerosal was removed from all but the influenza vaccines a decade ago (there are thimerosal free alternatives, so it's a non issue.)Note that since it's removal, none of the diseases Adam's (with... Read More »

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How do you know if what you read about vaccines on the Internet is wrong?

Unless you are a trained health care professional, this is difficult at best and impossible at times. The best approach is to look at information from multiple sources from reliable health care ent... Read More »

Prop 8 I want to hear opinion, please read, thank you?

Prop 8 need not divide liberals and conservatives. If one reasons it out rationally, voting NO on prop. 8 makes sense from all sides, from fiscal conservatives to constitutional literalists to civi... Read More »

720p v 1080i which is best in your personal opinion not what you have read.?

720p gives a single picture at 720 scanlines 1080i gives you 2 pictures -interleaved with each other - effectively needing much more processing power but only building an overall picture of 540 sca... Read More »

Where and how do you get MMR vaccine as separate vaccines for each disease instead of the combined vaccine for MMR are these vaccines available separately by any manufacturers?