Reactions To People Who Type Like This?

Answer Oh Lighten Up Butter Cup

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Type of Reactions With Copper & Nitric Acid?

The reactions between copper and nitric acid are examples of oxidation-reduction reactions, where gaining electrons reduces one element and losing them oxidizes the other. Nitric acid is not only a... Read More »

What were people's first reactions to the iPod?

Answer I remember being a rep at CompUSA when it first came out. It was NOT the first mp3 player. They had been around for a few years prior. First reactions from the 'geek' crowd was that it w... Read More »

Why do some people have allergic reactions to insects and others do not?

AnswerFor the same reason that some people are allergic to peanuts or milk and others aren't. It's partly environmental (based on your exposure to the offending item) and partly genetic. My brother... Read More »

Can blind people have pupil reactions to light?

On One Hand: Blindness from Optic Nerve DiseaseAccording to Lee Ann Remmington, your pupil's ability to react to light depends on light being detected by your retina and the signal being transmitte... Read More »