Reactions To People Who Type Like This?

Answer Oh Lighten Up Butter Cup

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Do YoU lIkE iT wHeN pEoPlE tYpE lIkE ThIs ?

No, it's really annoying and unreadable and makes no sense....I mean I don't see why someone would take time to type like that just to piss other people off.I also have people who tpye in ALL CAPS ... Read More »

Why dO pEopLe tYPe liKe ThIS?

they think it's cool, but in reality, it's annoying.

Simple food question. Which type of Omelette from this list do you like better ow would like to try?

I love Greek Omelets. If you ever get a chance a spinach and mozzarella omelet it also delicious.

How to type like this?