Answer I go to raves.They are yes yes amazing.But seriously if you don't even know the basics of a rave then why the **** go? This is whats ruining the scene. **** if you must know what a rave is...•A p... Read More »

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How to Rave in Your Car?

Sure you could rave somewhere else, like your house or on the street with a boom-box, but maybe your parents hate techno, or it's cold outside, or you want to hotbox your car while raving. Whatever... Read More »

How to Be New Rave?

New Rave is the term used to describe Indie Pop and Rock bands that make use of electronic elements a lot more than average Indie bands, often having clear sounding influences from a vast range of ... Read More »

How to Act at Your First Rave?

How to join into the wonderful night life of raving, and become one with the Kandi crowd.

Is it okay for a guy to go to a Rave alone?