Rate me/hairstyle suggestions?

Answer Hey there, Alice!I don't really believe In rating anyone but I think you are a stunning girl! Very beautiful.Your hair now looks really nice, But I know exactly how you feel. You get abit sick of I... Read More »

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Rate My Custom PC & Suggestions/Comments?

are you buying everything seperatly? if so don't.your budget isn't high enough to make this a worth while build, you've also missed out a psu from your build. get a pre made one you will get more b... Read More »

Comment/Rate/Suggestions on my gaming rig?

Its a nice build and i think you have thought about it really well.Would you consider an i5 2500k instead of the processor you have chosen .I suppose that would be the only thing i would change if ... Read More »

How can erythrocyte sedimentation rate be controlled if ESR rate is raised to 80mm/list hr?

The underlying cause for the increased ESR should be found out and treated.

I'm deaf blind and receive lower and middle rate DLA can I claim higher rate and or mobility?

CAB is your friendmake an appointment with them