Rate me/hairstyle suggestions?

Answer Hey there, Alice!I don't really believe In rating anyone but I think you are a stunning girl! Very beautiful.Your hair now looks really nice, But I know exactly how you feel. You get abit sick of I... Read More »

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Comment/Rate/Suggestions on my gaming rig?

Its a nice build and i think you have thought about it really well.Would you consider an i5 2500k instead of the processor you have chosen .I suppose that would be the only thing i would change if ... Read More »

Rate My Custom PC & Suggestions/Comments?

are you buying everything seperatly? if so don't.your budget isn't high enough to make this a worth while build, you've also missed out a psu from your build. get a pre made one you will get more b... Read More »

What happens when the death rate is higher than the birth rate?

Graphics texel rate more important than pixel rate?

Pixel rate is for playing at higher resolutions. The higher the pixel rate, the better the card will be at handling playing games at higher resolutions w/o getting loss in fps.Texel rate is the rat... Read More »