Raspberry Plant Propagation?

Answer Raspberry plants are prolific growers propagated in different ways. The plants are hardy and offer aesthetic appeal as well as tasty fruit during summer months. Raspberry propagation methods aren't... Read More »

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Crown Division in Plant Propagation?

Many plants grow from a root system that spreads laterally from a central crown and has a clumping habit. Types of plants suitable for propagation through crown division include most herbaceous per... Read More »

Can a banana plant grow by leaf propagation?

How do i take care of a raspberry plant?

Soil and FertilizerGrow your raspberries in deep, sandy loam soil or any good garden soil that holds moisture. Fertilize your raspberries with a 10-10-10 fertilizer according to the product's direc... Read More »

If I plant a store bought raspberry will it sprout?

Raspberries are fairly easy to grow, but it may be a couple of years before you get any fruit.