Rare Spawns & Their Drops in World of Warcraft?

Answer The rare mobs in World of Warcraft generally are not more difficult to defeat than regular mobs of a similar level; the difficulty is finding them. Mid- to high-level rares often drop loot that is ... Read More »

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How to Buy World of Warcraft Virtual Currency Without Risking Your World of Warcraft Account?

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Rare Plants in the World?

Earth is home to an amazing array of biological diversity, including more than 250,000 varieties of plants. The scarcity of certain plant species can be accounted for by human interference and natu... Read More »

How to Get a Pet in World of Warcraft?

So, you see other wow hunters with their pets and you don't have one or even know how to get your first pet? Obtaining a pet and taming it is one of the coolest things about being a hunter in World... Read More »

World of Warcraft?

There are many different things you can do to help out the lag issue:1. Video card with 256MB or more of dedicated RAM on the card itself. (takes strain off of some of your PC RAM)2. RAM - Although... Read More »