Rare Colors of Cars?

Answer The DuPont Color Popularity Report analyzes and predicts global car color trends by region and model type. For example, silver was the most popular color around the world in 2009, but in North Amer... Read More »

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How to Find Rare Cars?

The discerning rare car enthusiast will undoubtedly have a number of different models in mind that would make a welcome addition to their collection but the rarity of a vehicle is often established... Read More »

Rare Human Eye Colors?

The eye color that a human being has is determined by genetics, but no one gene that ensures what that color will be. The OCA2 gene often controls the amount of melanin pigment that a body generate... Read More »

How rare is it for someone to be born with two different eye colors?

I don't believe the condition, which is called heterochromia, is very common. I once had a friend who had two different colored eyes.

Top Ten Favorite Colors for Cars?

The choice of paint color when purchasing a car can be an important decision. Vehicle color often reflects a driver's habits and hobbies and can alter resale value. Black, white and silver are clas... Read More »