Rare Citrus Trees?

Answer If you love the taste of citrus fruits and want to grow some trees in your garden other than standard lemon or lime trees, you may want to include some rare varieties. These trees that bear fruits ... Read More »

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Dry Fruit on Citrus Trees?

Citrus is a genus of flowering plants and includes approximately 1,600 species belonging to the subfamily Aurantioideae. These subtropical, evergreen fruit trees or shrubs can suffer from premature... Read More »

Ornamental Citrus Trees?

Whether for their blossoms or their colorful fruit, citrus trees have long been in popular use as ornamental trees with gardeners and landscapers. Ornamental citrus trees are quite often dwarf cit... Read More »

How do i water new citrus trees?

Create a Watering RingCreate a watering ring around the outside of the hole of the newly planted citrus tree. Mound a ring of soil 5 to 6 inches high and 8 inches wide.Water RegularlyWater the newl... Read More »

Unusual Citrus Trees?

Growing your own citrus trees allows your family to enjoy unusual varieties not typically found in the supermarket. Save garden space to grow still more citrus variety by growing smaller dwarf tree... Read More »