Rape Victom.. Need some advice.?

Answer I also am sorry you had to go through what you did and I pray the 4 pigs get justice served to them both legally and by God. I hope you are at the point that you know it isnt your fault also. Getti... Read More »

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Not really p&p but need some advice?

You need to contact Disability Living Allowance. They will give her a form to fill out (I know that you said that she has done this 3times) but she needs to appeal against them. After the 2nd rej... Read More »

Need Some Advice On My Body?

Ab definition is all to do with body fat, but at the moemt you lack muscle. Focus on bulking. Put on 1-2 stone, then cut and you'll get your abs. Might take you about 6 months though.

Need Some advice here!!!!!?

google both filereader and filewriter classes of javascript and look for examples for activex object creation look on google as well dont be lazy

Really need some advice?