Answer When a woman is taken by force it is "dry action", because she is not turned on there is no lubrication - that makes it rougher on her physically, also when he is not gentle he can literally tear h... Read More »

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How to Heal From Rape and Sexual Assault (Rape Trauma Syndrome)?

Whether you or someone you love has been raped, follow these steps to assure trauma recovery.

What do i do after rape?

I was raped when I was 14 by my step-brother. I knew that he had taken something very special from me, we didn't have rape centers, or counseling services, unless you went to a State Hospital. ... Read More »

Is this rape?

if you say 'no' or 'get off me' and the guy doesn't stop that's rape. now to prove that is another story, you shouldn't waited those 'few years'

Is this rape if not what is it?

hpv can be caused without sex. he might have given it to you, but its also possible that you got it some other way.